Monday, July 30, 2012

My first day as a Vegan

I'm sooooo happy!!! finally mi first day as a vegan and I hope continue many years :)
Since before of my birth my parents are vegetarian so I NEVER eat meat or fish, egg.
And to be honest I really don't want to taste meat with all respect I do not like even the smell.
I'm vegetarian not only because I'm used to be all my life (well that is part) but also because I search information about meat and the cruelty behind a burger (for example) is completely horrible. I love animals and I don't want to eat them.
And today I'm very happy because is my first day as a vegan!!! in a few minutes I'll eat tofu!

I respect 100% people that like eat meat my best friends love meat. Also I think this is a very personal choice. So I don't have problem with this :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Frankie Stein

A little photoshoot with Frankie Stein ^^

My bathroom

This is how my bathroom look. No joke.

Random picture

Well... no comments about this, just a random picture x3

Hospital Photos

All we have dreams... I have a lot!!! One of my biggest dreams is to be in a abandoned hospital, just me and my camera.
Walk on the lonely corridor, enter to the operation room and play with bisturies. Maybe kill some zombie nurses.
A few months ago I had a little chance to enter at the hospital so I take this photos.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Black Forest Cake (Veggie recipe)

My mom and I really love cakes! But as all you know almost all the cakes at the super market contains egg and milk so if you are vegan or vegetarian this is horrible :(
So, here are the veggie recipe for Black forest! (thanks to my mom for the recipe)

Black Forest:

-Dry ingredients-

♥  Three cups of  flour

♥ 1/2 cups of cocoa (chocolate powder)

♥ 1 cup of sugar

One teaspoon of bicarbonate

 ♥ Half teaspoon of salt

- Liquid ingredients-

♥ Two spoons of vanilla

  Two spoons of apple cider vinegar

♥ Half cup of olive oil

♥ And one or two cups of water (you're smart you'll know the amount)

Mix dry and liquid ingredienst in differents containers and when they are mixed by
separately then you can mix all the ingrediens together. The mixture need to be like hotcake mash. Bake at medium fire.


I'm a killer

Last night I had crazy dreams, that is so normal on me since I was a child! And last night I was a serial killer, I took care to clean the tracks, blood and hide the dead bodies... left me tell you that is not a easy work!!!